It is important that you should do a bandwidth assessment before you hire a company to provide short-term internet services for your events. You can calculate the bandwidth that you require by getting to know the number of event attendees that will come to your event. When you have this information, you can then find a short-term internet hotspot rental provider such as Trade Show Internet Company.

One of the things that will determine the kind of internet bandwidth that you can get is the mode of internet provision.  Will your event-internet provider use WiFi, cable or fiber? Will they use a satellite connection? All these are factors that can determine your bandwidth assessment. You can visit a website like to do a real internet bandwidth calculation for your event internet.

To get the real assessment of your bandwidth needs, you have to know the number of internet users you will have during your event. This is a good way to tell what speeds can be availed to you and the cost of the same. When you hire Trade Show Internet, you can benefit from their free wifi splash page. This is a page that they will design for you to interact with your attendees and get to have them leave their contacts and other details when they log into your WiFi network.