Hottest Pokemon GO and Hack Android/iOS/iPhone

Hack Pokemon GO Tutuapp Method for Android:

Never in their wildest fantasy did Nintendo and Niantic ever imagined that Pokémon Go would prove to be such a favorite mobile game. In less than two months since its launch, the match is being played by over 30 million individuals across the world, and it has already surpassed the likes of Angry Birds and Chocolate Crush to eventually become the hottest smartphone sport ever. Pokémon Go Joystick Xposed module

If you have also been influenced by the Pokémon fever and wish to become the best Pokémon trainer on the market, we’ve got some hacks and tips for you to help you achieve your dream. Now, being hacks, they will give you an unfair edge over other players, however I figure, nothing is right or wrong when one desires to become the best Pokémon trainer on the market. Right?

Note: A few of those hacks/tips mentioned below require your Android device to be frozen with Xposed framework installed.

One of the important reasons behind the wild success of Pokémon Go is the way beautifully AR was integrated into the match. To capture Pokémons, you need to visit really move around in the real …

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