It’s About Time Businesses Started Taking Advantage of Machine Learning

Machine learning in business is reaping substantial transformation. Yet, while the technology is progressing, not all businesses have managed to leverage it fully, mainly because they known now how to strategize on implementing machine learning in harmony with their business objectives. The technology is always causing plenty of excitement, yet, what exactly machine learning is, what it’s doing for businesses, and how good it is while at it are questions unanswered to many. Fortunately, businesses don’t have to go to school to harness machine learning today, rather, artificial intelligence consulting firms are involved in working with companies toward demystifying and taking full advantage of the technology.

In this article, we define the machine learning concept and see how it can be harnessed today:

Machine learning is based on artificial intelligence and it enables systems, such as devices in the Internet of Things (IoT), to learn and foretell results without explicit programming. The mention of “AI” may mostly mean machine learning main because this is the AI technology subset with the most practical application anywhere around the world to date, and chance are that it’s what your company will adopt. Practical applications of machine learning today include chatbots that can give you accurate assistance autonomously and in real-time, spam filters that ensure you don’t unnecessarily plough through tons of mail in your inbox, and product recommendations that seem to always know exactly what you want to buy. Autonomous vehicles have also embraced the IA technology together with a wide spectrum of other systems.
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Via machine learning, computer systems are able to make decisions based on large data sets they’ve been exposed to. This approach is different from the use of algorithms and rules that get a system to ‘make the right call’ or programming a computer to be ‘smart’ by providing certain rules, exceptions, or filters. The problem with rule-based systems is that they become unreliable in the face of the complexity of the real-life scenario.
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By leveraging cloud computing technology, the ubiquitous parallel computing resources, unlimited access to data storage, and the rapidly surging consumer information, artificial intelligence can now prove its realistic application on the world stage today. Digital as well as real world enterprises have proved the meaningfulness of using the technology to deliver business outcomes, harnessing machine learning with data sets they’ve gathered via the AI technology to move optimized customer experiences to the front with unprecedented speeds and efficiency rates.

With the help of AI companies you may engage today, you can pinpoint feasible aspects of your enterprise that can leverage the technology with a view to accelerating the achievement of business results.