Q. I would like a laptop for video games like Planetside 2, SWTOR, Guild wars half of, NBA 2k13 and many others and for wording, and vchats. My pc didn’t crash but has been running slower and has had a tough time working extra the one program at once (windows media player and microsoft phrase refused to work togther) and the sport would not load earlyer that day forcing me to restart.

Breaking this down further, regardless of the high quality or intensity of the gaming you typically won’t ever want something more powerful than an i5 processor, with exception to the 6 core i7 i5 and seven differ mostly in hyperthreading potential and caching means.

Yeah, you are able to do a firmware improve of your blu-ray participant, but that assumes you could have your player linked to the internet, or have a pc with a CD burner linked to the web, AND that your manufacturer has even produced an update in your player that fixes the problem.

What you could do initially is spend a bit extra on the core specs of the system and quickly use the integrated graphics (which really just isn’t made for gaming) on the CPU then you may upgrade to a better graphics card later (That’s what I did).

Then you must ask your self the question, what sort of gaming is it that you need to do. Probably the most crucial component in your gaming machine would be the video card and the way beefed up the card must be will rely upon the quality of your graphics and the depth of your games.